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Sarah Mathys

I am now beginning my fifth year at Totnes St John’s. I welcomed my current class as Reception children two years ago and have had the privilege of being their teacher since then. This year, they have been joined by some Year 1 children, so we are now a mixed Year 1/ 2 class.


I love my job and particularly enjoy the challenge of finding fun and enjoyable ways for the children to learn.


Through my teaching I aim to nurture children’s natural desire to find things out by providing learning opportunities that challenge, motivate and inspire. Questions are encouraged and children are guided and supported where needed to find the answers. I encourage the children in my class to take risks and help them to understand that we learn through trial and error.

I am constantly reviewing my own practice and believe that learning should be a journey for all!


Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family. We love going for country walks with our dog, or down to the beach for a picnic, swim or surf.

Louise Wright

I am incredibly lucky, as not only have I taught at St John’s since 2010, but I actually attended the school myself as a child! For seven years of my childhood, I was able to explore the nature trail, investigate all of the beautiful grounds and participate in wonderful opportunities within the school community. I feel privileged to be able to offer pupils the same exciting and engaging opportunities, which I still remember fondly today.   


I have spent a number of years teaching in Reception; sharing those precious first memories of school with many, many children! I have also enjoyed moving up with my classes into Year 1 and Year 2; mirroring the creative and hands-on approach from the Early Years curriculum. My aim is to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to achieve their potential through fun, engaging learning experiences which enable them to develop and thrive in their own way.  


This year I am excited to develop my role in the school as a leader and, also, as Phonics lead. Early reading and writing is a passion of mine and I strongly believe that it is every child’s right, to be given the tools and knowledge in order to become confident and passionate readers and writers. 


I have two of my own children at home, aged 1 and 5, so life is very busy at the moment! Outside of school, I love spending time with family and friends, especially outdoors

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