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Sarah Mathys

I love my job and particularly enjoy the challenge of finding fun and enjoyable ways for the children to learn.


Through my teaching I aim to nurture children’s natural desire to find things out by providing learning opportunities that challenge, motivate and inspire. Questions are encouraged and children are guided and supported where needed to find the answers. I encourage the children in my class to take risks and help them to understand that we learn through trial and error.

I am constantly reviewing my own practice and believe that learning should be a journey for all!


Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family. We love going for country walks with our dog, or down to the beach for a picnic, swim or surf.

I love working at Totnes St John's and feel so proud to work with such wonderful teachers, support staff, children and their parents! This year, I am excited to be teaching a mixed Year ½ class. I have heard that they are a curious bunch so I can't wait to get started on our journey!

Jenny Harvey

I am so excited to get started here at TSJ after recently qualifying as a teacher. I completed the last placement of my PGCE here and enjoyed my time so much that I am so pleased I got the chance to stay here a bit longer!! I had this lovely class during my time as a student teacher and feel very lucky to be following them up into Year 2/3. I learnt a lot while I spent time teaching this class, and these children helped me grow in confidence which I am very thankful for.

I have always loved working in the education sector and have had a wide range of experiences in different settings that have enhanced my aspiration to be a teacher. I aim to ensure all children feel valued within my classroom, whilst providing them with ample opportunities to discover their true potential. I am very passionate about creativity, and the fact that there will not be one way that suits all for children to learn. I explored this idea during my PGCE and learnt that for children to develop their own passion for learning, they must receive it in ways that are exciting, interesting, and suited to them as individuals as well as a class. I believe that the environment of the classroom has a big impact on all members of it, and I will strive to create an effective, enjoyable, creative, and engaging one.

I am a lover of reading and enjoy getting lost in a book. Reading is such a valuable and enjoyable skill, and I believe all children should be encouraged to develop their own love of reading! I also like to spend my time with my family, friends and walking my dogs exploring the beautiful


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