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RE & Relationships Education 

We are determined that our school’s approach to our Spirituality Policy follows that of the Church of England Education Office, in that it seeks to be faith-sensitive and inclusive. It is under-pinned by Our Vision of “Spurring each other on with the courage to make positive difference to ourselves and others” and ensures that all of school life incorporates the values of the Christian Faith. These values are central to all that we do and determine how we will implement all policies and procedures. We want to ensure that through our gateways of Citizenship, Leadership, Expression, Exploration and Flourishing, all pupils and adults are shown how to be Compassionate, Forgiving, Determined and Honest individuals, who act with integrity and responsibility. By starting with our vision, we aim to ensure that all members of our school community understand our expectations, our practise and the ways in which we will implement policy 

Our RS Statement of Intent
Our Statement of Entitlement
Our RE Policy 
Our Spirituality Policy
Devon and Torbay Agreed Syllabus
RSE Primary Curriculum Overview - SAMPLE
RHSE updated
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