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Concerns & complaints

At St John's we value open and honest communication so that any problems can be quickly resolved. If you are concerned with anything that happens at school we would encourage you to come and talk to the Class Teacher as first contact, then if the concern has not been able to be addressed, a member of the Senior Leadership Team at the earliest opportunity so that problems can be understood and addressed. If the concern still remains to be resolved, please do contact the Head Teacher.  

Complaints policy

If you would like further information about any aspect of our complaints policy and procedure, please link on the link below:

There are also further links on other aspects of the school's complaints policy and additional policies relating to our complaints procedure to better help parents understand the framework that the school is working within:

Practical advice for schools when dealing with parental concerns or complaints
Guidance on developing clear parental expectations and managing unreasonable behaviour
Model policy for managing unreasonable behaviour
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