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Pastoral Care  

Rachel Tucker - Pastoral Lead - TSJ.jpg

Rachel Tucker

Early Help Lead &  Deputy DSL

Before coming to St John's Primary School I worked with the Behaviour Support Team for 18 years supporting schools, children and families across South Devon.


I also belong to Devon's Critical Incident Team and have undertaken lots of training around trauma and grief.

At Totnes St John's I enjoy working with families and children looking at ways to manage social and emotional challenges they may be facing and signposting them to appropriate services they
may require.

Early Help is the extra support your family can get if you need it. It may be that you want to prevent a problem, or change things for your family before the problem becomes more serious.

It is not a specific service or team, it’s an approach that brings together people from a range of services and teams who will work together with your whole family to help improve the situation for everyone.

It can offer support to families from pre-birth to adolescents with all sorts of issues from parenting, employment and school attendance to emotional wellbeing or anti-social behaviour.

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Gender Identity

The NSPCC have reported record number of calls regarding transgender 2,796 compared to 1,299 in the previous 12 months.

It was recorded that children aged 12-15 years were most likely to call the helpline about gender identity issues and that 260 of the calls on this subject were from 11-year-olds. If you would like more information on this subject, please visit Mermaids UK:

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