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Relationships, Health and Sex Education
– Our intent, aims and concepts


Our aim is to ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to understand the importance of forming positive relationships and leading healthy lives. Our intent is to equip pupils with the skills and knowledge that will help them meet our six criteria for success. To do this they will need to understand the impact their actions can have on others and themselves. We want to make pupils aware that they always have a choice and that they should make their choices wisely. We aim to reinforce the importance of ensuring actions, words and deeds are free from any form of prejudice or discrimination. We want our pupils to develop a strong moral and ethical code which helps them to promote equality and stand up against inequality.

We aim for all our children to:    

• To lead healthy and fulfilled lives

• To understand how to form positive relationships that reflect honesty, trust and respect

• To understand prejudice and discrimination and have the courage to be advocates of positive change

• To understand how love, care and respect can be demonstrated in physical relationships

Individual schools will produce their own sex education policy after consulting with their school partners.

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Relationships, Health & Sex Education at TSJ

As well as our own progression document in character we also dedicate 5 weeks across the years to relationships education. At the beginning of the year, all classes explore issues around discrimination including racism, homophobia and stereotyping. We want to ensure that our children are aware of issues in their locality, and the wider world. We also want to ensure that through this understanding they can be courageous advocates and make changes in the world by valuing diversity and understanding the richness that comes from exploring different cultures and ways of living.We use the Christopher Winters resources to ensure we have an age appropriate progression in sex education. 

Relationships and Health – Examples of Relationships and Health Learning Experiences at TSJ

Relationships and Health – Examples of Relationships and Health Learning Journals

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