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Rachel Patterson-Azzopardi

The first time I came to St John's was in 2007 when I was a student teacher completing my PGCE. I was fortunate enough to be given a job in Year 1 at the end of that academic year. My year in KS1 was really enjoyable but I then moved to Year 4 and began leading KS2. I have spent most of time teaching Year 6 and heading up Maths across the school. The children and families are the reason that I am still teaching here today; they make my job both rewarding and enjoyable. My aim, each year, is for every child in my class to reach their academic potential and for them to continue to develop into becoming the person that they want to be when they grow up.


This year, I have moved to teaching Year 3 which is an exciting change and I am deputy headteacher which is a real privilege. I continue to lead maths and am passionate about this area of the curriculum; I like nothing better than teaching children who lack confidence in this subject


Outside of school, I had a baby in 2019 so life is very busy. As a family, we enjoy spending time outside and visiting family and friends. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and enjoy watching films when I get the chance.

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