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Community Summer Fayre

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

At Totnes St John's we have been busy revitalising our garden and forest areas. This term the children have been exploring a learning journey based around the big question "How can our garden benefit the community?" On Thursday 18th July the gardens and forest school were opened for a Community Summer Fayre at which children will be cooking a St John's menu of home grown and locally sourced produce. 

At Totnes St John’s we want to create an outdoor curriculum that inspires curiosity and adventuresupports all learners and encourages scientific thinking. We believe that children should be able to take controlled risks and develop their character through physical outdoor experiences. We want our children to gain deep knowledge through interaction with the natural world. We also believe that a respect and understanding of our precious environment is going to be a hugely important piece of learning for today’s primary school children growing up into the world of tomorrow.

Visitors were able to Join Year 4 children for a guided nature walk into The Wilderness, with our 50 metre raise walkway, wild areas and outdoor games. Year 6 showed their John Muir Award conservation work across the grounds and Year 5 sold natural, school-made products for sale- Lavender & Rose Soap, bath bombs, lip balm, scented Lavender bags and garden inspired artwork at their Wellbeing Stall. Year 4 sold wildlife friendly products- bug hotels, bird feeders and bird houses, designed and made by the children!

Most importantly, this was also a food festival, with a special St John's Feast menu designed, prepared and cooked by the children. On the menu was-

Super Stone Soup (made by Year 3), served with a Sensational Sensory Roll (made by Reception & Year 1) or Fabulous Flatbread (made by Year 3) - £1

St John’s Effervescent Elderflower Presse (made by Year 3) - 20p

Mouth-Watering Brilliant Bruschetta (made by Year 2) – 40p

Green Salad & Potato Salad with Heavenly Honey Mustard Dressing (made by Year 4) –50p

Delicious Drop Scones with Succulent School Grown Summer Fruits (made by year 5) –40p

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