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Breakfast and Tea Time Club

At Totnes St John’s we provide a Breakfast Club for children from Reception

and above, the cost of which is £2.50 per session per child (8.00am - 8.50am).

We strive to provide for the child, a friendly environment in which to prepare

physically and mentally for the day ahead; for the parent, peace of mind to

continue your day, safe in the knowledge that your child will be provided with a

healthy breakfast and be cared for until the school day begins. We offer a choice of healthy cereals, fresh fruit, crumpets, tea cakes and toast with milk

or fruit juice to drink.

There is also a Tea Time Club from 3.15pm until 4.30pm, at £3.00 per child. Pre-booking

is required for this, although this need only be a phone call to school, by 2.00pm if possible. The children enjoy a healthy snack which might include teacakes or melon with a drink. They can play various board games and colouring is always a popular choice.

Please enquire at the school office if you need further information.

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