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History – Our intent, aims and concepts


The study of history provides an inspiring context for learning. Children are fascinated and intrigued about people and events from the past. Enquiry drives learning, revealing curious and fascinating information. This in turn sparks more questions leading to deepening knowledge and understanding. As children develop as historians, they develop the ability to think critically and weigh evidence, identifying and separating fact from biased opinion. They begin to notice patterns in events and this leads to a developing understanding of the process of change and a deepening understanding of chronology. As children’s knowledge deepens, they perceive the relevance of history to their own lives and consider concepts and themes such as diversity of society and the current challenges of our time.

We intend that the study of history will enable our children to:    

• Understand how actions in the past can help us – as individuals and society – to make informed decisions about our own lives.

•  Understand different perspectives and points of view, and accept tentative conclusions as the norm.

• Develop their sense of social responsibility, respect for diversity and a willingness to engage with sensitive and controversial issues.

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History at Totnes St. John's

At TSJ, our History curriculum engages and excites children’s curiosity and supports the development of key historical knowledge, skills and concepts through the study of British and local history and other significant time periods and societies. We motivate our pupils through exciting learning, trips and visitors that give all children an opportunity to explore and question the past.  Our curriculum highlights our local heritage, for example, learning about the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Sir Francis Drake and the significance of local places in historical events, for example the use of the Spanish Barn during the Spanish Armada.  

HISTORY – Examples of History Learning Experiences at Totnes St. John's

HISTORY – Examples of History Learning Journals

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