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Geography – Our intent, aims and concepts


We all live our lives geographically. Planet Earth is our home. It is awesome, diverse, inspiring and ever changing. Studying geography invites us to participate more fully in the excitement, enjoyment and challenge of this dynamic world. It draws on personal experience, to help us better understand the places we live in, why they matter and how they are connected to a globalised world. Geography draws from across the physical, cultural, economic and political spheres to illuminate key issues for the present and the future, explored at all scales from the personal to the local and the global. Through geography we learn to appreciate the diversity of landscapes, peoples and cultures.Geography is therefore a vital subject resource for 21st century global citizens, enabling us to face questions of what it means to live sustainably in an interdependent world.

By developing a geographical perspective, we want our pupils to:    

• Develop an awe and wonder about the natural world, and have an understanding of the challenges and trade-offs involved in its protection

• Develop a strong understanding of ‘place’ – local, regional, national, global, and recognise how physical, social, environmental and economic factors all impact on geography

• Understand how their own actions impact on the world around them

• Develop their sense of social responsibility, respect for diversity and a willingness to engage with sensitive and controversial issues.

• Understand the unique contribution that Geography makes to each child’s growing understanding of their world

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Geography at Totnes St. John's


GEOGRAPHY – Examples of Geography Learning Experiences at Totnes St. John's

GEOGRAPHY – Examples of Geography Learning Journals

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