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Art – Our intent, aims and concepts


The teaching and learning of art plays a key role in deepening cultural and self-understanding

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Developing an enjoyment and participation through the arts will help our children to:   

•  Develop confidence to create individual responses to the world around them

•  Access personal expression through a broad range of art forms
Understand and reflect on cultural and historical influences through visual and performance based arts

•  Understand differences in creative responses and points of view.
Develop acceptance of tentative outcomes about their own artwork and the work of others

• Become resilient and explorative learners through experimentation of technique and media

•  Explore creative pathways to promote personal wellbeing.

Art at Totnes St. John's

We believe that at TSJ our Art subject offer is unique. By teaching Art through our learning journey, we allow children a more immersive experience in the subject that deepens children’s cultural and self- understanding. Children at TSJ explore drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles and printing through an extended block teaching rather than a small snippet of time set aside every week. This allows our pupils to develop confidence in their skills through immediate feedback and refinement, and deepens their knowledge of art, artists and the culture surrounding them. Teaching art through engaging enquiry questions allows for Art outcomes that children can not only explain the elements needed for creation, but also the intent and purpose of each step of the journey. We believe above all our Art offering allows all children become creative artists.  

ART – Examples of Art Learning Experiences at Totnes St. John's

ART – Examples of Art Learning Journals

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