Sarah Mathys

This is my second year at Totnes St John’s. Having previously worked at the school as a supply teacher, I was thrilled when I saw the advert for a job share in what was then EYFS.

I now work 2 ½ days a week in Walnut Class with a delightful mix of Reception and Year 1 children.


Since qualifying from The University of Hertfordshire with a BEd Honours degree in 1999, I have taught in a variety of schools and across Key Stages, although my experience and expertise is in the Early Years. I love the challenge of finding fun and enjoyable ways to teach, and find working with children of this age immensely rewarding.


Through my teaching I aim to nurture children’s natural desire to find things out by providing learning opportunities that challenge, motivate and inspire. Questions are encouraged and children are guided and supported where needed to find the answers. I encourage the children in my class to take risks and help them to understand that we learn through trial and error.

I am constantly reviewing my own practice and believe that learning should be a journey for all!

Tess Broach

This is my fourth year at Totnes St John’s, although I had some time off for maternity last year. It’s great to be back! I have many years’ experience teaching key stage 1, and have also taught several years in key stage 2. This year I am thrilled to be joining the early years team in Walnut Class. I really love working with young children, helping them to establish strong foundations for learning in a fun and engaging way. I am lucky to have such an experienced team around me to guide me through the art of continuous provision and child-led learning through play. 


As well as job sharing with Mrs Mathys and Mr Funnell in the EYFS teaching team, I am also Music lead across the school. Previous to teaching I worked professionally in the music and performing arts industry. You may see me at various music events around Totnes, as I still love to perform whenever I can! Having moved to Totnes from London 3 years ago, I have fully embraced the community spirit that Totnes has to offer. You will often see me around town with my two children, enjoying the market, cafes and wonderful outdoor spaces.